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Compassionate Community Connectors are people who know what is going on in their community.  They are people who chat to others and who find that conversations open up into sharing life’s ups and downs.  For example, they might be hairdressers, publicans, taxi drivers or shop keepers.

They might be people within schools, workplaces, community clubs, faith groups; anywhere and everywhere there are people.

Whilst these conversations already happen, a Compassionate Community Connector has decided they want to feel a little more comfortable with the conversations they sometimes find themselves having.  They also have committed to know more about what is happening in their community so that they can suggest to someone that maybe they try out the lunch club, seated exercise session, bereavement help point etc.

Where a similar model exists in Somerset, the Connectors are, between them, having over 4,000 compassionate conversations a year!  They are identifying, through their conversations, when there are gaps in a community and supporting others to set up new café clubs, walking groups etc.

Social connectedness is a greater indicator of wellbeing than any of the usual health measures such as losing weight, giving up smoking, managing high blood pressure, drinking less – although of course all important.

Compassionate Community Connectors support the wellbeing of their community through compassionate conversations and encouraging social connections.

Compassionate Community Connector Training

Whilst all of us have the ability to have compassionate conversations.  We can sometimes feel worried about saying the wrong thing, concerned that we can’t ‘make things better’ or feel helpless in the face of someone else’s suffering.

This is why it is important to train and support Compassionate Community Connectors.

Compassionate Community Connectors needs to be trained by trainers who are authorised to do so by Compassionate Communities UK.  This is because the trainers form part of a supportive network to share, learn and develop together.

The Train the Trainer programme provides insight into the benefits and contribution of Compassionate Community Connectors and training pack including two videos that can be used in the Compassionate Community Connector Training along with some useful tips when delivering to community groups.

In addition, the Trainers are given a certificate template to give to people they’ve trained and access to quarterly workshops.  

The local coordinator/commissioner of Compassionate Community Connectors need to ensure they are covering local issues on safeguarding, escalation of issues and where the Connectors can access ‘what is going on’ in their community.

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