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Miscellaneous Blogs & Press Releases

  • Aunties and Little Fish

    Aunties and Little Fish Each week we (CC-UK) meet online with wonderful people from around the world and we never know what we’re going to talk about.  This is our members only ‘Kitchen Table’ and it really does feel like a virtual version of the sorts of conversations that emerge in that sort of informal setting.Continue reading “Aunties and Little Fish”

  • Blind Spots

    “Palliative care has some major blind spots” Read more here Mark Taubert (MT) speaks to Julian Abel (JA) ahead of the launch of the Oxford Textbook of Public Health Palliative Care

  • Whittington & Fisherwick – Compassionate Community Award

    Whittington & Fisherwick – Compassionate Community Award Compassionate Communities UK (CC-UK) presented Whittington and Fisherwick with the award this week to coincide with the first International Compassionate Communities Day. Members of the Whittington and Fisherwick Good Neighbour Scheme have supported vulnerable and disabled residents over the past six years, receiving support from a range of local organisationsContinue reading “Whittington & Fisherwick – Compassionate Community Award”