67: Tawnee Prazak Gibson – Compassion in Life and Sport

67: Tawnee Prazak Gibson – Compassion in Life and Sport

‘Everybody wants to coach the elite athletes, Olympic athletes, the ones winning races, the ones qualifying for championships. You name it. What about everybody else? Because the vast majority of us are everybody else ’

Tawnee RunningCW disordered eating.

This week Julian talks to host of the Endurance Planet Podcast, triathlon coach Tawnee Prazak Gibson, described as ‘holistic health and endurance sports coach, mother, multisport athlete, writer and speaker,’ on the Edurance Planet website. For many women involved in endurance sports it can feel like the training on offer ignores the reality of their lives. From periods to parenthood Tawnee has approached incredible athletic feats with care of her own mind and body at the fore front.

Throughout this conversation with Julian she talks about the incredibly difficult journey she has had, handling an eating disorder, the death of her first child, and how to coach other athletes. Tawnee’s approach is filled with the compassion that Survival of the Kindest hears about often and wants to amplify – understanding what success means is different for everyone, and that everyone deserves to be professionally guided towards their goals. Another beautiful conversation that meanders around loss, grief, life, and sports and has much to say along the way.


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