57: Maff Potts – Camerados and the Public Living Rooms

Mutuality is baked into Camerados. You don’t come to Camerados to be helped you come to Camerados just to look out for each other.

This week Julian talks to Maff Potts, the founder of the Camerados Movement, former government adviser and policy writer on homelessness, and the man who convinced the Millennium dome to be a venue for Crisis at Christmas before it went out of public ownership.

At 21 Maff’s whole life had changed shape as between 17-21 he lost both of his parents. Trying to rejig who you are as an adult in your twenties is hard enough without the extra pain of grief, and understandably Maff went through many hard times. For him working with Crisis at Christmas was the thing that got him through and started him on the path to where he is now. 

The mutuality of Crisis, the homeless people that helped him while he helped them, showed Maff that relationships and meaningful interactions should be the top priority.

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