71. Judah Amani – Making Sense

71: Judah Amani – Making Sense

“Music provides the vehicle to express things that are quite difficult to express”

On this week’s Survival of the Kindest podcast I am delighted to welcome Judah Amani. Judah has an extraordinary background being brought up in Iran, London, and Israel. This unique combination of different cultural upbringings was somewhat disorientating for him. Judah found that he was able to make more sense of his complex world through understanding design. He took a diversion in the world of music, and perhaps found this equally disorientating.

Going back to design via the route of human rights, he used the processes he understood working with prisoners and help them develop In-House records.

The social context of design has been really important to him and there is a real commonality of language with that of community development. Design is in everything and is part of power structures, equity and human rights.

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