70. Jenny Kassan – What the Community Want

70: Jenny Kassan – What the Community Want

‘The small moment of someone choosing to invest a hundred dollars, $500 in a local business, makes such a huge difference. It’s a radical act. If we can have more of those small moments, I believe it’ll make a huge difference.’

On this weeks survival of the kindest podcast I am delighted to welcome Jenny Kassan. Jenny grew up in something of a radical household, familiarising her with a critique of capitalism. She studied psychology at UC Berkeley and then did an intern with Ralph Nader in Washington DC. This was a formative period for her working on Civil Rights and exposing the negative aspects of big corporations. She went on to law school and then worked for a non-profit community development corporation in Oakland called the Unity Council, where she served as staff attorney and managed community economic development projects, including a $100 million housing project and the formation and management of several social ventures designed to employ and create business ownership opportunities for low-income community residents.

Jenny co-founded the Sustainable Economies Law Center, a non-profit that provides legal information to support sustainable economies.  Jenny is also a fellow at Democracy Collaborative.

Jenny’s legal practice, Jenny Kassan Consulting, provides legal services, coaching, and consulting for mission-driven companies, investors, and intermediaries and includes educational programs for entrepreneurs

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