63: Part 2 of Hazel Stuteley O.B.E – It’s Not Rocket Science

“The biological changes, the chemical changes that happen in the brain when people get a sense of inference and control is huge. It’s massive.”

This week Julian and Hazel conclude their conversation about Hazel’s amazing work after the enormous success of the Beacon project in Cornwall.

While Hazel had a disappointing stint with the Government, who failed to grasp the importance of what she achieved, her success did not go unnoticed. Through speaking up and down the country Hazel met a hoard of doctors, and various academics, who understood how transformative the Beacon project had been.

Hazels work since then has been no less successful. And throughout all of it she has held onto the key principles that drove the initial project – connection, listening, and giving people space. While it sounds simple, it is incredibly hard to execute with authenticity.

For more information on the work that Hazel has done you can hear last week’s episode, and also look at C2.

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