62: Part 1 of Hazel Stuteley O.B.E – Beacon

‘I was taught how to be compassionate, and you need to be taught’

This week is the first part of a conversation with Hazel Stutley O.B.E. Her work has been lauded widely for both the impact that it has had and the way that stakeholders are at the centre of her work, in a way that has been truly transformative.

In part 1 Hazel talks about how she came to community development, and in particular how she started the Beacon project in Cornwall which went on to win awards and, more importantly, had remarkable side effects on the community ranging from better school grades for primary school children, to safer housing.

Hazel’s kindness, and belief in the ability of humans to also be kind and engaged given the opportunity, shines throughout this episode. Through connection and communication grounded in compassion, Hazel has achieved so much, and shown what is possible.

For more information on the work that Hazel has done you can tune in to next week’s episode, and also look at C2

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