66: David Aynsley – TR14-ers and What Community Policing Can Be

The story of how a policeman became instrumental in setting up a Cornish dance group is fantastic. The TR14-ers, named by its young members, are based in Cambourne in Cornwall (a.k.a TR14) and was set up in 2005 by David Aynsley our guest this week. David’s core of compassion, and his understanding of how communities can be nurtured led him to sign his Neighbourhood Police Team up to the first ever Connecting Communities programme run by our former guest Hazel Stuteley, and the rest is history.

It is an extraordinary story that shows what policing can do. The TR14-ers are now a self-run charity, the lessons are free, the young dancers self-organise and lead the dance sessions. This conversation is full of stories that show how you can feed what is good in a community that to many looks like there is nothing, how you can be a supportive police force, how amazing and hard that is, but mostly how worth it it is.

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