51: Survival of the Kindest: Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds – The Grief Journey

After losing their son Joshua in a road accident in Vietnam, Jane and Jimmy were thrown into the reality of what all parents know to be their worst nightmare. In this episode they talk to Julian about their journey from before Joshua died, through the initial stages of grief, and how they now are both still learning to live in this reality, and how they are helping others through the many films they have made, the retreats that they run, and through their charity the Good Grief Project.

It is hard to live as a bereaved person in our society. We think of grief as something to move past, or to handle, and as Jane and Jimmy mention – bringing grief into day to day life is largely frowned upon. Their work educates the bereaved and non-bereaved alike, showing us all that there are many ways to be after losing someone, and that the most helpful thing you can do is be content with the heaviness of life and death.

Good Grief Project website, twitter

Films: All available here

Beyond Good Bye

Say Their Name

A Love That Never Dies

Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van De Kolk

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