5: Survival of the Kindest: Jo Abel – Telling the Story of Ordinary People

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Julian talks to award winning documentary maker, and his sister, Jo Abel.

‘I am proud to be the brother of Jo Abel. Jo is a successful documentary producer and director. Two of her most recent documentaries have been Exodus, telling the stories of refugees coming to Europe, and the just aired Once Upon a Time in Iraq. This documentary tells the stories of people who lived through the years of utter turmoil, demonstrating the reality of what the consequences are of making a decision to go to war. We talk mainly about compassion and the lack of it in the context of this extraordinary bit of film making, which everyone should watch. I cannot think of a clearer demonstration of why we should choose to be more compassionate, highlighted against the background of lack of compassion that accompanies violence.’

Things mentioned on the episode:

Boys and Girls


Paddy Wivell

Once upon a time in Iraq

Mosul Eye Website, Twitter

For Sama

Ahmed Al-Basheer

Ken Burns

Rutger Bregman

The Dawn Wall Netflix

Tommy Caldwell Instagram, Twitter

Julian Abel can be found on Twitter

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