48: Survival of the Kindest: Ben May and Jack Baxter – The New Normal

For both Jack and Ben the loss of their fathers in their teens and early twenties was the worst thing that could have happened. Grief at any time is awful but for two young men who had such strong and loving relationships to their dads, this was worse than either of them could have imagined and words can’t do justice to the pain that losing your best friend as a young man can do. However, after a fateful trip to the hairdressers Ben and Jack were able to support each other through the varying stages of grief, and eventually started The New Normal charity.

Growing from two men supporting each other to an international community of people who have found a place to speak about and listen to others speaking about grief, Jack and Ben are teaching men, women, and all of us how we can create space for grief, how to live with the pain, and how we can find support and love in others.

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