45: Survival of the Kindest: Matt Hawkins – Compassion in Politics

In 2017 Matt Hawkins and Jennifer Nadal started a campaign that sought to push compassion as a functional and useful political tool, and since then they have been fighting on all fronts, from training, to lobbying, fundraising, awareness raising, to help MP’s and other people in positions of power to learn how to use compassion as a driver of change.

In this conversation with Julian, Matt clearly lays out how our whole society is set up to suppress any compassionate and empathetic impulses that politicians, and people, may have. The battle to change this is long, however Compassion in Politic’s approach has been fantastically successful, and gives us all much hope for the future as well as something we can hold on to that can be transformative: ‘Try to adopt compassionate practices in your own life and towards yourself, and you instantly will have transformative change. And because of the way the system doesn’t want you to be compassionate, it wants you to feel bad; compassion is not built into our society. So if you do that, you’re instantly doing a bit of a rebellious act’

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