44: Survival of the Kindest: Dr Kwadwo Kyeremanteng – Lasting Experiences

Dr Kwadwo Kyeremanteng’s remit seems to span the entirety of health care, human care, and the systems that support it. His conversation with Julian weaves together systemic racism, ITU, critical care and palliative care, under the bracket of working hard to make things better for as many people as possible.

Alongside starting the amazing podcast ‘Solving Healthcare’, he is also an ICU and Palliative care consultant, and has founded the Resource Optimisation Network which is leading research into how hospitals can run more efficiently, by making sure that patient’s are involved in their care decisions; making sure they know how the treatment will affect them in later life, making sure families and friend’s of patients are included in this as well.

Hearing Kwadwo talk is inspiring, not least because he is building a new vision of a more connected health care system, in terms of clinical practice, as well as in terms of patient-doctor relationships, and a more thorough approach which has a higher awareness of its costs and implications of treatment (human and fiscal).

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Involving people with intellectual disabilities in end-of-life decisions

Understanding Trauma

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