41: Survival of the Kindest: Dr Shoshana Ungerleider – Ending Well as a Measure of Living Well

Elevate Compassion Summit Series 17/18 June, FREE registration, online lectures

Shoshana Ungerleider MD is on a mission to make dying, talking about dying, and our whole conversations about how we want to be treated in the event of serious illness, part of our social lexicon.

Along aside her work as a general internist she has been part of two award winning documentaries, both on Netflix, is the host of the TED Health podcast, and has started Endwell – a non profit which has gathered a huge following from all walks to life from artists to medical professionals, by being a place where people can learn how to talk about end of life. What started as a conference has now expanded into a groundswell of action inspiring people to take the time to have these all important conversations; from 10 minutes, to a whole wealth of full lectures.


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