4: Survival of the Kindest: Lindsay Clarke – Imagining the World into Being

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In this episode of Survival of the Kindest Julian talks to Whitbread Prize winning author Lindsay Clarke. Julian and Lindsay have been friends for a number of years, and Lindsay is the co-author of their book The Compassion Project.

As his own website explains ‘Lindsay’s working life has been devoted to his two principal passions, writing and education. In both contexts he has tried to put the power of the creative imagination – in both its inventive and compassionate aspects – into the service of the radical evolution of consciousness, which he believes is seeking to happen in these transitional times.’

Lin’s commitment to the compassionate imagination, his generosity of spirit and kindness is evident in all the work he has done throughout his extraordinary career. Julian and Lin meander through topics such as Lin’s time educating people around the world, his brushes with neo-colonialism, and how he came to understand and commit himself to the transformative power of stories.

Books by Lindsay:

Alice’s Masque

Chymical Wedding

Sunday Whiteman

Green Man Dreaming

The Water Theatre

Other Books & Authors:

Wollfram von Eschenbach

George Elliot Middlemarch

Stefan Zweig Beware of Pity

Rachel Carson Silent Spring

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Ted Hughes

James Hillman

James Baldwin

Benton Lewis

Maximillian Kolbe

Pushkin Trust

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