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This week Julian talks to Christopher Kelly, the founder of Nourish Balance Thrive, which uses functional medicine, and started as a place for athletes who developed health problems to better understand their bodes and enable them to heal without laying drugs on top of the underlying issue.

Today Nourish Balance Thrive is a podcast, a health centre, it has recipes, training advice, and everything you would need to take a totally holistic look at your own health.

Christopher’s innate desire to share meant that after he found success with healing some of his own health problems through changing his diet, he left his job and started NBT with his wife. They have a multitude of success stories, and a podcast with an information back catalogue that seems to cover every health problem. Having started his career as a coder, and thus fully understanding the potential of tech, and dire need to address the health epidemics in America, it seems likely that he will continue to be at the innovative forefront of society.

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