33: Survival of the Kindest: Frederick J. Riley – Our Responsibility to Help Others

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This week on the podcast Julian talks to Frederick J. Riley, from Weave: The Social Fabric Project, part of the Aspen Institute. Julian and Frederick talk about how his early life, in the largely segregated city of Saginaw, Michigan, taught him how much you can share even when you don’t necessarily feel like you have a lot. How studying at Morris Brown University amongst other African American students, surrounded by the history and present of the civil rights fight, gave him the belief that he could do anything; that him and his peers could be leaders too.

Frederick’s work after leaving university was initially with the YMCA, with whom he worked for a long time up until over a year ago where he was head hunted to become the executive director of Weave. As Frederick explains in this fantastic episode, despite the huge rifts in society, the ghettoisation of huge areas, the laws and legislation that make it so hard for marginalised communities to find a way out of oppressive poverty, there are many people who are turning up for their community, and Weave is there to support them. It’s aims are fantastic, and the means by which they work are equally as brilliant. Frederick’s work is about the bravery of compassion, coming together to make change, and trusting in the gifts in each community.

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