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This week Julian talks to esteemed Professor Dilip Jeste MD, whose latest book ‘Wiser’ is the culmination of years of developing a scientific, medical and spiritual understanding of wisdom, what it means, how we measure it and what it effects.

In his youth and medical training in Pune, India he was imbued with an understanding that is ingrained in Indian cultures that wisdom comes with age, and is necessary for our survival. Since then he has had a distinguished medical career which started in Mumbai and led him to the US. He started a Geriatric Psychiatry program from scratch at UC San Diego; today it is one of the largest Geriatric Psychiatry Divisions in the world, did a stint as the President of the American Psychiatric Association where he introduced a number of pioneering medical interventions and guides, and did a series of groundbreaking psychiatric studies on numerous areas, with his main areas of research include schizophrenia, neuropsychiatric interventions, and successful ageing.

Professor Jeste has much to teach us about being wise, how we can measure and improve our wisdom, and how to reframe how we see mental health as a society. In this incredibly educational and moving episode he talks about how his eastern roots guided him and his research, what he wants to change in our healthcare system, how we can prepare our young people to be more robust against the plague of loneliness, and how we can take care of one and other and ourselves.

Wiser is out now

Mentioned in the podcast:

DSM5 – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Introduced by Prof Jeste in his time as the head of the American Psychiatric Association.

Juliane Holt-Lunstad who can be heard on our podcast here

San Diego Wisdom Scale

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