14: Survival of the Kindest: Maddy Read-Clarke – Human Justice, Nature’s Justice, Planetary Justice

The feeling of hopelessness when faced with the climate crisis is something that many of us will recognise. For Maddy it felt like despite the world’s efforts, her community’s efforts, there had been no systemic or radical movement towards tackling climate change. However when she came across Extinction Rebellion, and the community that came with it she felt suddenly that change was possible, and that there was hope. Since then she has stayed supporting XR while also working from within the music industry. The task of dismantling the reliance that we all have on fossil fuels sometimes seems too large to comprehend but as Maddy talks it becomes clear that we all play our part, and that we can make a difference. For the music industry that looks like (amongst many other things) divesting pensions, organising tours to involve the least amount of flying, as well as supporting causes such as XR.

There are many ways to get involved, Extinction Rebellion can be found here, Music Declares Emergency is here, and is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Each month Music Declares Emergency has a show on Soho Radio. You can donate to Music Declares Emergency here.

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