13: Survival of the Kindest: Dr Libby Sallnow – How to Shift the Power

Libby’s career has been extraordinary from the start – she cut her teeth on a remarkable project in Kerala run by Dr Suresh Kumar. While in Kerala Libby joined forces with Suresh and friend of the podcast Allan Kellehear to create the first international conference for public health and palliative care. What has grown from this has been transformational in many corners of the globe. Upon returning to the UK Libby has worked at changing the entire way we think about palliative care, she started the compassionate neighbours scheme and radically altered the relationship between Hospice’s and their immediate communities in East London. Our conversation ranged across many areas of Libby’s life from her early memories of her childhood which was partially in Peru and partially in London, her PhD research into how compassion can affect us, to how she is coping as a physician during the coronavirus pandemic.

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