Compassionate Communities UK offers a Membership Service opportunity for individuals, students and organisations across all sectors. Membership comes with exclusive access to service/events including the weekly Compassion Café and Monthly Book Club plus a 20% discount on all education and consultancy*.    

Member’s Voice 

We want your membership to be a conversation with us. Let us know what you want to know more about, what you think of our events and programmes, what your challenges are that you’d like to share with our growing community.  Write to us on our email with your thoughts and suggestions including your name, contact details and Member number. 

Compassionate Communities UK offers four core services to which members are entitled to access and to have discounts

    Foundation Courses, Conferences/Workshops/Events, Specialist Registrar Training, Survival of the Kindest Podcasts  
    Including Monthly Evening Events, Event Notice Board, Publications, Survival of the Kindest Podcasts
    Including Organisational Assessment, Consultancy, Compassionate City Charter, Charter Awards 
    Weekly Compassion Café, Book Club, Networking & Partnership Working, Advocacy & Lobbying and Members Voice. Members get 20% discount on courses and events.

*Government funded and a limited range of other fixed price education programmes outside of CC-UK’s control might not be possible to discount

Each Member offers their unique perspective on how they can connect with their communities.  This in turn will play an important role in establishing compassionate communities across the UK and beyond. Compassionate Communities UK will be a driving force in developing compassionate communities in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, educational institutions and other sectors of the Compassionate City Charter. We lead public health and palliative care strategy from community to national levels. We want you to be part of that.  Our fee table tries to incorporate an affordable and attractive offer for all and is based on a number of individual licences: –

If you need an invoice please contact us

TypeGross Annual IncomeAnnual PriceDiscounted 3 YearsNumber of Licences
Voluntary SectorLess than £30,000£42.00£126.001
£30,001 – £100,000£108.00£275.403
£500,001 – £1m£288.00£734.408
£1m – £5m£432.00£1,101.6012
Over £5m£720.00£1,836.0020
Other SectorsLess than £30,000£60.00£153.001
£100,001 – £500,000£300.00£765.005
£500,001 – £1m£480.00£1,224.008
£1m – £5m£720.00£1,836.0012
Over £5m£1,200.00£3,060.0020

*Student membership is for people in full-time education (unfunded education)

** Individual membership is for people who are unemployed or community activists not otherwise part of a formal organisation

( Prices include VAT )

15% discount applied for a three-year membership, monthly payment will be available shortly, in the meantime if you wish to pay monthly please email us directly.  Additional licences are £20 each – please email us if you need to add these.

The Kitchen Table

This is held weekly on Friday’s at 12.30pm (UK time) via Zoom.  Links will be sent to members only.  This is a great opportunity to connect with members of CC-UK and other members from around the world to share progress, ideas and challenges. The first Friday of the month is dedicated to conversations about Compassionate City status.

Monthly Book Club

This is on the third Thursday of the month, 7—8pm (UK time) via Zoom.  Links will be sent to members only and ideas for books are welcome! Book choices are voted on via a Twitter poll and the book is changed every other month.

Monthly Policy Cafe

This takes place on the second Thursday of the month, 5.30 – 6.30pm (UK time) via zoom. Links will be sent to members only. The discussions work on a three monthly cycle of national/international policy, organisational policy and clinical policy.