Membership Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions

Compassionate Communities UK (CC-UK) expects, and will conduct itself, with civility in its engagement with members. 

CC-UK is committed to providing a friendly and welcoming environment for all and to ensure a harassment-free experience for everyone.  We expect all members who attend any events organised or facilitated by Compassionate Communities UK to adhere to a considerate and respectful manner to all community members. .    

Participants are encouraged to engage in constructive dialogue in an environment where ideas can be safely shared and discussed. 

Harassment of participants in any form will not be tolerated at any point. 

If a participant engages in behaviour that falls outside of the code of conduct, CC-UK may take any action they deem appropriate, including expulsion from an event or loss of Membership. 

Membership Terms and Conditions please click to view terms and conditions