Birmingham City Charter

Birmingham gain City Charter accreditation Birmingham is the UK’s first accredited Compassionate City The people of Birmingham have been recognised for their compassion in the way communities have supported each other during some of the most difficult times, by being crowned the UK’s first Compassionate City on the 14th March. Accredited by Compassionate Communities UK,Continue reading “Birmingham City Charter”

Whittington & Fisherwick – Compassionate Community Award

Whittington & Fisherwick – Compassionate Community Award Compassionate Communities UK (CC-UK) presented Whittington and Fisherwick with the award this week to coincide with the first International Compassionate Communities Day. Members of the Whittington and Fisherwick Good Neighbour Scheme have supported vulnerable and disabled residents over the past six years, receiving support from a range of local organisationsContinue reading “Whittington & Fisherwick – Compassionate Community Award”

Brereton & Ravenhill Compassionate Community Award

Brereton & Ravenhill Compassionate Community Award A village community whose volunteers gave up their time to care for sick and dying patients during COVID has received a new national award for their compassion. Residents of Brereton and Ravenhill in South Staffordshire have become the first UK community ever to be awarded ‘Compassionate Community Charter’ status. DuringContinue reading “Brereton & Ravenhill Compassionate Community Award”

Frome, Somerset

In this series we hear from residents of Frome in Somerset. They tell moving tales of compassion during lockdown, and are perfect examples of how this spontaneously arising treasure we all possess makes a huge difference, to the compassionate person and to the people affected by such kindness. COMPASSIONATE STORIES – THE FROME SET JezContinue reading “Frome, Somerset”

The Frome Model

The Frome Model Julian Abel, Director of Compassionate Communities has been working with the team at the Frome Medical Practice since 2016 in implementing and rolling out the Frome Model across the Mendip area of Somerset. “Compassionate Communities project reduces population emergency admissions” At time when emergency admissions in Somerset rose by 30%, those inContinue reading “The Frome Model”