Survival of the Kindest: Professor Dacher Keltner – Compassion and Power

Professor Dacher Keltner – Compassion and Power


Professor Dacher Keltner’s work focuses on how compassion enriches our life, and how much its absence effects our lives and how the ability to not be compassionate is learned and created. His work is reshaping what we know and understand about kindness, and what seems to be its antithesis, power. He was the advisor for the film Inside Out, which caught many of us unawares with the recognisability of the representation of how we think, how we remember, how we choose, and how all emotions are important, even the hard ones. 

Professor Keltner discusses how our history points towards the need for compassion, how we have misunderstood what Darwin and Adam Smith say, and how we ‘have largely been sold a Neo-liberal lie that misrepresents human nature and what matters’.

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