Survival of the Kindest: Amber Jeffrey – Life After Loss 

Amber Jeffrey – Life After Loss


Amber Jeffrey had her life interrupted at the age of 19 after the sudden death of her mother. Nearly five years on Amber is now at the front of an incredible movement which has brought conversations around grief to areas that it had been previously left out of. So often we associate palliative care, death and dying with cancer and old age. But as Amber and Julian discuss, grief touches everyone young and old, from every community.

Her podcast Grief Gang has welcomed listeners in their thousands, each of them desperate for a community of people who understand what it is to live with grief. The huge instagram following and the heartbreaking honesty of the comments is a testament to the need for what Amber created: space and other people to sit with you.

Amber has both created and collated a huge pile of resources that seem to leave no one left out, creating a minefield of signposts pointing those newly, and oldy, grieved in the direction of support. As a small sliver of example; with 5 other black and brown communities Amber started The Grief Safe Space, and is generally doing incredible work diversifying the bereavement communities. The Grief Gang instagram is packed full of songs, books, comments and tiktoks that have been important to people, and here is so much more in this episode and on The Grief Gang’s podcast!

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