Survival of the Kindest: Michael Turner QC – Justice

Michael Turner QC – Justice

Michael Turner

Allan Kellehear Lecture Series

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This week Julian talks to Michael Turner QC about how he came to be a lawyer, head of the Criminal Bar Association, and what has motivated him throughout his career to keep defending people we see as criminals.

Michael gives not only a comprehensive overview of how the UK court system works, but a clear and compassionate view on how law works – how justice transcends left, right and central politics, how our society has, of late, had the very idea of a-political justice challenged. The conversation is not only engaging and informative but is a reminder to stay interested in what happens in our courts as it is a microcosm of what is happening in our country in general.

While we might not always think of compassion when we think about the law, and lawyers, Michael’s stories highlight just how necessary it is, how it can totally change the outlook of someone’s life, and how the ability to show compassion and discretion is being stripped away from the UK criminal court system.

We have so far to come to get to the point where we can call ourselves a society where the law has social justice at its core. And Michael’s work, and the work of all lawyers who have taken it upon themselves to defend people who would otherwise be condemned, is such a huge part of it and an inspiration.

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