Survival of the Kindest: Paul Wright – Good Life Conversations

Paul Wright – Good Life Conversations

What we are looking for is ways for people to show up in community life. How do you bring that thing that you’re passionate about, the thing that you love and what you value? How do you then make that present for the rest of us in our neighbourhood?

This week Julian talks to Paul Wright who was suggested by previous guest Angela Fell.

A lot of Paul’s work has inspired what Angela has been doing in Wigan which is high praise and an adequate introduction for Paul’s amazing work.

What is so lovely to hear about Paul’s work is how much focus he puts on small things being the biggest activators of change. He has seen how asking someone how they are, and being a good and proper listener, are the true foundational skills of a cohesive neighbourhood. While it is not a linear process, as he points out, once you have people talking about how they are, and other people listening, then you have a resource for ideas, for change, and for community. Paul has an understanding of this which seems to guide his whole work and life. And the community that he lives in, and we who get to hear about it, are all the better for it.

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