Survival of the Kindest: James Maskell – Keeping People Well

James Maskell – Keeping People Well


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This week Julian talks to medical entrepreneur and health community builder James Maskell. There are many amazing things to dig into from James’ career and life which started in intentional Communities all over the world and has led him through health economics to now running a number of things including heal community – which is a 12 week programme that uses peer support to help people work through illnesses together by mainly addressing the root causes of chronic health conditions, and its associated isolation. James’s initial research showed the huge impact that collective health care can have, but its release coincided with the start of the pandemic, and James quickly realised that a more accessible, online, community set up was needed to address the many impacts of chronic diseases.

The dwindling life expectancy, the exorbitant costs of health care, and the cumulative nature of medicine that deals with the side effects of other medicines have made this an emergency, and the HealCommunity technique addresses all of this. Once again it is clear to see that the community method, empowering people to be a part of their own healthcare, and creating spaces for everyone to support and help one and other and for natural gifts to shine through, is the best method.

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Five components of health:

 – Sleep 

 – Food

 – Relationships

 – Stress

 – Exercise 

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