Survival of the Kindest: Stephanie Hunter – The Thrill of Someone Caring

Stephanie Hunter – The Thrill of Someone Caring


Our guest this week is Stephanie Hunter, who has develop award winning mental health and trauma services for children in care, and who has just made a film with Social Work England about our care system. 

The deep compassion with which Stephanie has approached her career is behind the transformative nature of her work. She talks enthusiastically about the value of being cared for, how much she has learnt from every interaction with young people in care, how to become trauma informed, and the importance of learning more about trauma as a society. At the moment people who live with the after effect of adverse childhood experiences can die up to 20 years earlier than the general population. It increases the likelihood of self-medicating with drug and alcohol, or risk taking behavioursr. 

This is a public health emergency. The knock-on effects are serious and involve our justice system, the NHS and the workplace. By not taking childhood trauma seriously we are leaving many people stranded. Stephanie’s work, and her continuous fight on behalf of care leavers is changing lives, and is proving that many people can live happy and healthy lives after having help, compassion, and treatment for PTSD.

Stephanie’s main message is that there is hope, and there are fantastic treatments, and people can live a life without the weight of trauma holding them down, but we must all work to normalise becoming trauma literate, and be a part of the solution. 

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