Survival of the Kindest: Jonathon Porritt CBE – Understanding Natural Justice

Survival of the Kindest: Jonathon Porritt CBE – Understanding Natural Justice

Jonathon Porritt CBE

“I tend not to talk too much about optimism, for me it is about hope. You can be an optimist and do absolutely nothing about it. Whereas hope requires action, because your hope can only bear fruit if you are prepared to make that hope work “

After a two week hiatus we are back with an extraordinary guest, the environmental campaigner Jonathon Porritt CBE, whose new book ‘Hope in Hell’ works on repairing the cognitive dissonance between our understanding of our role in the climate crisis, and our actions and emotional responses.

His stance on the climate crisis is all encompassing, and is consequently compassionate and inspiring. While encouraging a radical turn away from fossil fuels he reminds us not to forget those whose entire livelihoods are dependent on them. When talking about rising sea levels, the spectre of wealth which has seen the northern hemisphere able secure its cities and lands against floods hangs over the conversation. 

However, while the destruction of the natural world is happening rather than ‘on its way’, and we appear to have already set in motion a chain of events which will roll us steadily towards the “tipping point” i.e. the point of no return, he is hopeful. He still fights for change, and supports the young generation of campaigners, fighting for the future. He believes we can close the gaps between the recommendations of scientists and policies which do too little, but that we need to connect our compassion to our actions in order to motivate us to change: acknowledging the deep fear we feel when we fully confront the future of our planet can be our hope. 

Julian was introduced to Jonathon by Ed Straw who can be heard in Episode 6

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