Survival of the Kindest: Jason Mills – A Student of Compassion

Survival of the Kindest: Jason Mills – A Student of Compassion


This week Julian talks to Jason Mills. An all round inspiring and insightful academic, nurse, and expert on how to be a more compassionate person. 

Julian and Jason discuss the fascinating contents and implications of Jason’s PhD into whether having self-compassion correlates with kindness to others in healthcare professionals.

Their conversation is a mix of the personal and the academic as Jason takes us through his experiences that led him to nursing, and to his research into compassion for others and for oneself. He talks openly about how his experience of racism and the continued othering he felt in Australian society led him to a deeper understanding about the presence and lack of compassion both for oneself and for others, how we can extend this to our environs and to nature and the earth itself.

Jason’s work has profound impacts and implications outside of healthcare. His resources engage with self-compassion from a plethora of angles, how to actively apply changes to address what he sees as an imbalance in our relationship between self and outward compassion. His resources can be easily accessed here and are designed to be helpful to us all.

Jason reminds us that to be human is to be interdependent, it means to have love and kindness for everyone, including yourself. He describes himself as a life long student of compassion, and encourages us all to join him.

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