Tell us your stories… Compassion after Covid by Julian Abel

Tell us your stories… Compassion after Covid by Julian Abel

The litany of obscure and difficult events from the last few months has set the world off in a relatively unpredictable direction. Through all of the pain and upset that will surely leave a scar, the main positive take away has been the immediate action taken by neighbours all over the world to care for those in their immediate vicinity: Compassionate Communities have sprung up internationally.

For Frome, and other towns that had previously harnessed the power of kindness in their healthcare practices, the role of the community in keeping the most vulnerable safe was well established. While the lockdown and pandemic has certainly taken its toll, the devastation will undoubtedly have been reduced.

Charting the success of the Frome project, and how it inspired an international movement, the new book The Compassion Project explores the role of kindness in long, happy and healthy lives. Written by international expert on compassion communities Dr Julian Abel, and Whitbread Prize winning author (and Frome resident) well before the pandemic, a book that centres on the importance of looking after one and other could have hardly felt more timely.

To celebrate the book’s launch, and the town that inspired it, this Friday Frome is holding a day of hearing covid-kindness stories. The Hunting Raven Bookshop, filmaker Howard Vause, Frome FM, BBC Radio Somerset are all asking people to tell their stories of moments of kindness that will stay with them long after the pandemic has passed.

Join in on twitter, or in person outside the Frome bookshop, and share your stories. #covidkindness

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